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Terms for taking work breaks

It’s not good to work for eight or nine hours in a row without taking a break! For one, you are going to get hungry, and want to eat a meal or a snack. For another, you will probably go insane! I know I would if I worked that many hours in a row without […]

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Five English terms for having lunch

If you work the typical office hours of nine to five, it’s likely that you’re going to be eating lunch at some point during your workday. And if you’re not, you should consider it – you need food for energy in order to get your work done! Since lunch is such an important part of […]

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Five common business phrases in English

Today I’m going to introduce five commonly used business phrases in English. These phrases can be described as “buzz phrases”… phrases that are commonly used – perhaps even overused – in English language-speaking environments. Business buzz phrases The following are English language phrases used in a business setting. If you work in an office in […]

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The Universal Greeting

Polite ways to greet someone

There are plenty of different ways to greet someone in English; some are considered formal, some informal, while others might even be considered rude when used in the wrong setting. When greeting someone, especially when you’ve been introduced to a person for the first time, some greetings more polite than others. Considering how important first […]

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Writing an email

How to sign an email in English

When you finish writing an email in a business setting, it’s considered polite to sign your name at the bottom. True, readers of emails are usually pretty savvy about reading the “From:” field in the emails they receive, and will know it was you who sent them the email even before they start reading it. […]

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